Monday Mailbag – Paying Off Debts with Your House

Jan 28, 2019

Welcome to Today’s Monday Mailbag!

Hey, everybody! Welcome to Monday’s Mailbag!

Today’s question is “Does it make sense to pay off other debts with my house?’

We get that question a lot at Mission35 and yes, it does make sense in some instances.

It may increase your mortgage, however, typically you will be decreasing your monthly payments.

Sometimes the biggest concern with our customers is that there is more monthly payment than there is cash-flow coming into the house.

By refinancing, you are putting that debt into your house, you are making it more manageable and you are allowing yourself to maybe start up a savings plan too.

Contact a Mission35 Hamilton Mortgage Agent today so we can help put you on a plan.

Make it a fabulous day!