5 Important Things to Look For in a Mortgage Broker

Jul 10, 2018

As a first-time homebuyer, there are a few things you need to consider before you being the Hamilton mortgage application process. The first is trying to decide if you want to work with a mortgage broker or not. Once you decide they are the best ones to facilitate your home loan, you should begin talking with different brokers in your area to find the right fit.

To help you get started, our team at Mission 35 Mortgages has listed five important things you need to look for in a mortgage broker.

#1: If They Will Work In Your Best Interest

Not every Hamilton mortgage broker is out there to work in your best interest. You need to be aware of their intentions and see if they genuinely want to help you find a great mortgage for your financial situation, or are they only trying to make money.

Here at Mission 35 Mortgages, we always put our customers first and we will not stop working until you are completely satisfied with your mortgage choice.

#2: If They Offer The Best Rates

The best mortgage broker will work with multiple different lenders and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the lowest interest rates on the market. Talk with different brokers before you make your decision and compare their rates with each other so you know which mortgage professional will give you the best deal.

#3: If They Can Educate You

It is no secret that the Hamilton mortgage application process can be confusing. With countless different options available on the market you can’t be expected to know every single detail about every mortgage. Therefore, you want to be sure and choose a broker who is knowledgeable about these different options and can help educate you so you can confidently choose the best one that fits your financial goals.

#4: If They Have A Good Personality

You want a broker who will be easy to work with throughout this long process. If their personality clashes with your own, this might be a sign that they are not the best person for you to work with.

#5: If They Will Work With You Even If You Have Bad Credit

Your local Hamilton mortgage broker should not turn you away just because you have bad credit. Instead, they should work hard to ensure you still get to fulfill your dreams of becoming a homeowner.

Here at Mission 35 Mortgages, we understand that not everyone has a perfect financial record and we will overcome any obstacles to help you find affordable rates for your mortgage.

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