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Mission35: Your first step in Financial Security


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Mission35: Your first step in Financial Security

Imagine having the financial security to pursue your dreams. Imagine not having to live paycheck to paycheck. Imagine living a life with no limitations. What’s stopping you from turning this dream into a reality?

The answer for many of us, is fear.

The fear of the first step often paralyzes us from taking any at all.

The fear of making a mistake is among our greatest.

Mission35 shares the story of Brian Hogben, a mortgage broker in Hamilton, Ontario, whose path to success was not without its fair share of mistakes. It was through trial and many errors, Brian learned the lessons that only these mistakes could teach. He insists he would not be the successful business owner he is today without these experiences. Perhaps you’ve experienced your fair share as well – you’ve taken the first step in pursuit of your passion and been shut out or shot down. Brian encourages you to persevere through these challenges. He believes the right decisions today can lead to your financial security tomorrow, and he wants to show you how. Make this book the first step in your journey and the springboard to launch your own dreams – the world is waiting!

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